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I live in the small regional town of Kalgoorlie in Western Australia about 600 kilometres from Perth.

I first saw PartyLite at our local Community Fair.  A lady introduced herself as Debbie and she told me she have travelled from Rockingham which is 7 hours drive away.  Debbie said she was looking for someone who lived in Kalgoorlie to join.  I thought about it for a while and a day or so later told her I'd give it a go but that I didn't think candles would be very popular in Kalgoorlie.

That was in 2006 and I have been eating those words ever since!  Kalgoorlie really does LOVE PartyLite Candles!!!!!  I have been recogised every year as one of the highest selling consultants in Australia.  PartyLite has changed my life.  Before I joined I had never been on a plane let alone overseas.  Now I travel regularly to places like the Gold Coast and Sydney and I have enjoyed FREE 7star holidays with my husband to exotic locations like Hawaii, Vietnam, Fiji, Hayman Island, Mauritius, Penang and Las Angeles.  In 2016 my husband and I will be travelling to Singapore absolutely FREE with PartyLite.  

I have met so many people, made some wonderful friends and had some amazing experiences that I would never have had if I hadn't joined PartyLite.  And I earn a great income and still have the luxury of choosing when I work.  I have beautiful products to work with and an exceptionally generous hostess programme means I get to spoil my hostesses every day.  What I love about this business is that anyone can do it.  Yes thats right.  If you are reading this and thinking you could never do that, think again.  I would love the opportunity to see what PartyLite can do for you and your family.  Wheather it's a little bit of extra cash each week or a career change PartyLite could change your life as it has mine.

PartyLite began in the early 1900's when an enterprising young teacher turned her love of candles into a thriving business.  Today PartyLite has over 60 000 consultants in 18 countries around the world.  And over time, that single line of bayberry candles has grown into an extensive range of the highest quality candles and accessories available.

Whether you'd like to buy candles, have a party or find out how PartyLite can change your life, contact me today!

 Kindest regards, Sue

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